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Solid bases, the springboard for our creativity

For more than half a century Schmidt has forged its success and skills by sticking to a number of simple values from the company family culture. It is through the strength of these values we come to provide quality work and sustain our company long term.


A state of mind fed by "intelligent" ambition

In order to move forward, progress and develop we have to be ambitious. To dare use new ideas, question things, anticipate developments with new innovative solutions, at the same time respecting human beings and their environment. This is our philosophy. A daily task, a subtle amount of humility, commitment and confidence are the key to our success.


Anticipating, proposing solutions and believing in tomorrow.

Because we have faith in a better future we put a great deal of stress on innovation. Innovation is carried out to help everyone’s everyday lives and with us has a wider meaning. It is a genuine global eco-citizen approach and involves amongst others, economic, social and environmental components.
At Schmidt, innovating firstly means placing full confidence in the ability of human beings.


An "eco-responsible" HR policy

We are aware that our success involves human beings. We gain the loyalty of our employees from a major training plan so that they can blossom within our organisation.
We encourage career development.
The concept of development is particularity meaningful for Schmidt. Both in terms of product innovation and from a human perspective by acquiring new skills in order to provide a long term future for our employees.


A gauge of safety and authenticity.

Schmidt is a leading company. We are proud of this status which pushes us forward continuously. We ensure we remain clear in our vision. We are evolving in a world where everything moves very quickly and it is essential to keep our feet on the ground, remain open and question our knowledge …
Moving and knowing how to learn and relearn every day is a sign of intelligence and humility!

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